Pinnacle Mountain Star Party

We had a most excellent star party last Saturday, the 15th of September. There was some concern over clouds but they dissipated early. The temperature was nice there were no bugs and best of all there was eager crowd of visitors yearning for astronomical knowledge.

I forgot to take a roll call but we had a dozen or so CAAS members there and probably 8 scopes set up. The park people estimated 140 members of the public attended. We had three separate school groups attending.

It is hard to say what they saw but I know Carl greeted the early visitors at the entrance with a view of the Moon and farther up the mountain we saw Jupiter, M13, M31, M7, M27, M57, Mizar and Alcor and who knows what else.

After some disappointingly cloudy star parties this summer this final PMSPSP of the season turned out to be a fine one.

Jim Dixon

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