Woolly Hollow State Park Star Party July 21, 2007

James Fisher, Pat Morris, Bill Sanders, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Donald and Carolaina Ferren, Jim Dixon and his children Jack & Samantha, Allan and Mary Frances Lee, Rocky and Carol Togni, David and Nightvid Cole from CAAS attended. Many members enjoyed a pot luck meal with Julie Lovett supplying a delicious Boston Butt. An estimated 75 park goers attended the event. The sky only partially cooperated in that clouds blocked about 50 percent of the sky at any time. However, for a time we were able to show the visitors Venus, Jupiter, the Moon, Albereo, Mizar & Alcor, some learned to identify the North Star and several other prominent stars. 5 people earned certificates for completing Scavenger Hunt. We also passed out moon diagrams and diagrams of different things one can see in the moon. Several prospects for new members attended and introduced themselves.

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