Minutes from the April 14, 2007 Board Meeting

Rocky Togni called the meeting to order at 5 PM.  Rocky, Don Ferren, Pat Morris, Sandy Morris, John Reed, Carl Freyaldenhoven, and Jim Dixon were in attendance.

The major topic of discussion was a proposed storage building for tools so that those tools could be moved out of the East Observatory.  John brought a list of several buildings for us to review.  We decided on a 7’ x 7’ x 7.9’ “Big Macâ€? building from Rubbermaid and Home Depot.  The building promised 60 minute assembly which we intend to hold them to.  The vote was unanimous. Then we braved the cold and dreary weather to walk around the property to find a location.  We decided on a spot to the east of the classroom for it. This will give the building some shelter (trees) and cover (trees) to make it less intrusive.  We decided on a work party May 5th, 2007 to assemble the building.

Afterward, we discussed preparations for Astronomy Day and other upcoming events.

Submitted by Jim Dixon

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