Episcopal Collegiate School Star Party

On April 16, we met the school group at CAAS at 7:30.  Sandy and Pat Morris, Don Ferren, Bill Sanders, Carl Freyaldenhoven, and Jim Dixon were there. The school group consisted of one teacher and 6 to 8 students. It was still daylight so we had a chance to show them how telescopes work while they could still see them.  We then waited and watched.  Finally, someone spotted Venus so all scopes were turned that way.  Later, Sirius appeared.  Soon, it was like a bag of popcorn. Pop … pop … pop … popopopopopopop.  We looked at several objects, every astronomer choosing his or her own object to look at.  We also spotted some satellites.  The students seemed very appreciative of our efforts.  Finally the evening was capped off by a very bright Iridium Flare to the North at 8:47.

Submitted by Jim Dixon

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