Refractor Guide Checklist


  • Aperture: 152mm achromat doublet
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Focal Length: 760mm
  • Mount: Losmandy G8

Please review the club’s guide to use and access to club instruments before attempting to use this instrument.  To use this instrument you must be Qualified on it.  Qualified users are listed on the list at the front of this folder.  More than one smart device with a planetarium program can be connected to the scope – IP address

Special Notice: When crossing the meridian be sure not to wrap wires around the mount, when opening the roof don’t get ahead of the roof, when finished don’t forget to turn the power off at the based of the scope as it will continue to track into the roof. Return building key to the lockbox now, not when finished.


  1. Log in.
  2. Remove tarp, eyepiece caps and lens cover. 
  3. Remove roof clamps using blue steps – There is one on the high end (north end) of the East & West walls.
  4. Use long white PVC rod on east wall to dislodge roof downhill by setting it against a crossbeam and pushing.  Do not push against the roof decking!
  5. Use wheel in NE corner to slowly roll roof open (do not get ahead of the roof or the cable will jump track).
  6. Turn on power at base of pier, Nexus II DSC, iPad (PW 2001) and if needed Dew Controller.
  7. Center scope on a bright star and select align.  Repeat with a second star. 
  8. Have fun.


  1. Return all eyepieces to eyepiece case.
  2. Install lens and eyepiece caps on scope.
  3. Move scope to park position on west side of the pier pointing north making sure the wires are not being wrapped the wrong way, cover with tarp.
  4. Turn power off at base.
  5. Return the eyepieces, accessories, and manual to the case.
  6. Roll roof fully closed using the wheel.
  7. Secure roof clamps snuggly but not too snug.
  8. Log out and check mark the reminder boxes.
  9. Turn off all lights & Lock door.
  10. If you failed to replace the keys in the key box do it now, and follow the usual procedure for shutting down the site and locking up.
  11. Report any problems encountered