The Observer – June Issue

Hi, Friends!

You are invited to click & download the June 2007 issue of The Observer! This month we have everything from Garage Astronomy to Naked Astronomy, the Spring Diamond and Canes Venatici, a magazine review, an article from Glen Schwarz of the Little Rock Free Press, and a report, with pictures, from the Boy Scout campout. It’s another jam packed issue – and it is yours to enjoy! 🙂
~Stacy Edwards

2007 CAAS Secretary

The Observer – April 2007 Issue

Hello, Friends!You are invited to click HERE to download the April issue of The Observer. This month’s issue features the Lunar Eclipse of March 3, the upcoming Lyrid meteor shower, personal stories of observing and enjoying astronomy, and notes about the upcoming Astronomy Day activity. This issue has a lot of CAAS personality — a great “get to know usâ€? issue! I hope all who are interested will download and enjoy.

~Stacy Edwards, CAAS Secretary