ZWO manual filter wheel with 9 filters

UPDATE: I’m going to loan these to CAAS member Andrew Hradesky for him to test drive them.

This is a ZWO manual filter wheel. It has 5 positions for 1.25″ filters. Includes 2 adapter tubes (also 1.25″) that are shown in the picture below.

You take apart the 4 screws and easily change out the filters into numbered positions that you can see on the dial ring to change them during use.

However, you’ll probably want to leave one slot open so you’re able to view unfiltered, so technically there is room for 4 filters if you decide to leave one open. And of course, you can screw on any filter to the eyepiece itself and view with it through the empty filter slot.

Here you can see the other adapter ring. The right one slides down into your focuser drawtube. The left one can hold your eyepiece.

Also included are 9 filters. All of them are 1.25″ and made by Orion, intended for visual use. Complete list shown below. All of them are in perfect condition. Don’t let the dirty cases fool you!

  • #23A Red
  • #25 Red ​(ideal for viewing Mercury, Venus, Mars)
  • #8 Yellow
  • #38A Blue (enhances planetary weather details for most planets)
  • #80A Blue ​(ideal for viewing Moon, Jupiter and Saturn)
  • #82A Blue (just a contrast boosting filter)
  • #58 Green ​(ideal for viewing Mars, Jupiter and Saturn)
  • #56 Light Green (ideal for viewing Mars)
  • #21 Orange ​(ideal for viewing Mercury, Mars, especially Jupiter)

Here is a nice guide by Orion that shows detailed uses for these filters.

The filter wheel retails for $88 brand new. This wheel was used maybe 5-10 times for photographic work, maybe opened about 2-3 times. The filters are all in excellent condition. No fingerprints or scratches. Only the cases are in shabby condition, having been around since the 80s. Maybe get some new ones?

Asking $75 for the whole set, including filter wheel and filters. If you are not interested in the filters, I’m asking $50 for the wheel alone. Otherwise, email me and we can discuss. I’m happy to let you pick and choose which filters you want, and keep it about $3 for each one.