November 6th Woolly Hollow State Park Star Party Report

On Saturday evening, November 6th, Woolly Hollow State Park hosted CAAS’s final public star party of 2010 under gorgeous, but chilly, Autumn skies.  Approximately park 80 visitors enjoyed spectacular views of Jupiter, Uranus, the Ring Nebula, the Hercules Cluster, the Double Clusters, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Pleadeis, an Iridium Flare, numerous satellites, and great views of the Milky Way which was directly overhead.   CAAS members in attendance were Bill Engberg and his 24″ Dobsonian, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Kay and Bill Sanders, Rocky and Carol Togni, Kathy and Jim Fisher, and new member Dave Grimmer and his hand made 8″ f/6 Dob.  Welcome Dave!!
Before the star party we had a chili and soup potluck with our host Park Interpreter Kathryn Tidwell and President Carolaina and Don Ferren (who left early due to Don’s sinus infection – feel better soon, Don!).  Kathy’s turkey chili and Carol’s chicken tortilla hit the spot before an the evening under the stars.

Clear skies!

Jim Fisher

Vice President
Central Arkansas Astronomical Society