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CAAS membership brings you into a community that uniquely shares your interest in astronomy where you can build your knowledge and skills as an observer at the eyepiece, or in the armchair.  Membership also provides an opportunity to share your enthusiasm with the public as a volunteer in the State’s most active outreach program.  You will automatically become a member of the Astronomical league, a $25 value all by itself.  This qualifies you to participate in the League’s many observing programs and receive the League’s quarterly publication, the Reflector. You can participate in the CAAS email list, where members can share, help, and learn from one another, as well as participate in member-only activities and get help through a member’s mentoring program. All memberships operate on a calendar year and come up for renewal on January 1. New members enjoy a prorated discount based on the quarter in which they join. For example, if you join in the first quarter you pay 100%, second quarter 75%, third quarter 50%, and finally fourth quarter 25%.

Follow this link for more details and join on line.