Solarmax 60 II for Sale

I, Jim Hamric, am selling my Coronado Solar Telescope for solar photography. I am listing with the club first.

This a Solarmax 60 II Double Stack. It has two etalons to give you a more narrow light wavelength pass, for more surface detail such as surface granulation, surface perimeter prominences, flares, etc. I have used it twice. It is not for the beginner telescope user,…these are not exactly like a conventional scope. You will have to be dedicated to learning solar, which is magnificent. These currently sell for $3149.99 from Meade. I am selling mine for $1600, and it has the three eyepieces, plus a 2X barlow, and the new hard case that I bought specifically for it. I also have a BRAND NEW, NEVER USED, mono camera for sale that goes with it CHEAP,…because color cameras absolutely DO NOT work well with these. There are some YouTube videos that will show you how to convert the images to a beautiful, realistic color. When I bought this, I had not yet learned the electronic imaging with the cameras, (still haven’t) and thought I could use it visually. That’s why I am telling you all of this information, so you don’t find out the hard way too. I wanted to sell this in time for someone to get those once in a lifetime shots of the eclipse, and beyond.