Observing Etiquette

These were written with the River Ridge Observatory in mind, but please consider adopting these practices no matter where you are observing with other people.

  1. Avoid the use of white lights wherever people are observing or trying to retain their night vision.
  2. Do not point lasers at people, or aircraft.
  3. If your car headlights are automatic: Park facing north and near the exit.
  4. If your car headlights are manual: If parking before dark, back into a parking spot.
  5. Warn others nearby before opening your car door, if the dome light is likely to come on, or before turning you headlights on.
  6. Be conscious of white light from computers, tablets and cell phones.
  7. Don’t attempt to strike up protracted conversations with people who are at the eyepiece or computer key board; observing time and opportunities are limited and often require concentration. Ask to speak with them later about whatever is on your mind.