River Ridge Observatory Rules

Observatory privileges/gate codes and keys

All members have access to the observatory grounds as an observing location.  Talk to any club officer or Observatory qualified member about access codes.  Observatory qualified members have access to the facilities and equipment on site, as well.  A person must be a member for at least six months and pay observatory level dues to become observatory-qualified. Gate and key codes should not be shared with others who are not members or qualified unless, in the case of members, they have a particular reason to access the facilities to execute some volunteer activity.

Observatory Use

Friends and family are welcome to share the observatory with you. However, after dark activities should have an astronomy connection and not interfere with observing activities of others. Private parties involving significant activities other than observing are not permitted without prior approval by the Observatory Chair. The open consumption of alcohol is discouraged at public events or on the observing field.


Before Leaving

  1. In winter, turn the water off outside the clubhouse
  2. All lights off
  3. Return key to the lock box
  4. Secure gate (close lock and spin numbers)


Personal Property/Donations

The observatory has limited space. Items left at the property can become a storage and disposal burden. Therefore:

  1. Do not intentionally leave personal property at the observatory for an extended period of time without permission from the Observatory Chair. With the exception of equipment associated with the operation of private observatories, permission to leave personal equipment at the club will generally only be given if such property is available for the use of the club and/or the membership at large or storage fees are paid.
  2. Property not labeled (as to ownership) will be treated as club property and is subject to being sold or disposed of after reasonable notice is given via caas@caasastro.org, or the group facebook page.
  3. If you want to make an in-kind gift to the club, ask the Observatory Chair if the item would be welcome before you bring it to the observatory.

Observatory Committee Membership

Membership on the Observatory Committee is not necessary to use the observatory.

The committee is dedicated to the maintenance, development, and management of the Club’s property, observatory facilities, and equipment. Committee membership is open to anyone who is interested in helping the committee discharge its duties.

Committee Members are included on the observatory@caasastro.org mailing list, may participate in the committee meetings and discussions and receive a personal key to the club’s buildings.

If you would like to become a committee member, show up to a work party and you will be added.

Please pitch in and join!