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Help CAAS to Build a Robotic Research Instrument
CAAS members are bound together by a love of astronomy and a desire to reach out to the community and share our passion. Now we have a great opportunity to provide space for a research-grade robotic telescope at the River Ridge Observatory. This joint venture by CAAS and Arkansas Tech University will not only provide a scientific platform for ATU professors and students; it will also allow Society members to conduct their own research programs, learn the basics of astrophotography and provide an exciting tool for outreach to schools across the state.Arkansas Tech professor and CAAS member Jeff Robertson is providing the telescope and equipment plus the software to automate the system. CAAS needs to provide an observatory to house the system. We’ve set a budget of $3,500.00 to build a sturdy permanent observatory at the River Ridge Observatory.I would like to extend an invitation to you to contribute to this exciting venture. An anonymous CAAS member has pledged to match donations dollar for dollar up to $1,000.00 for donation pledges made through December 31, 2013. Any amount will be appreciated. All pledges are voluntary, and of course all donations are tax-deductible.Pledging to this endeavor is easy. Pledges may be sent to Stephen Caldwell at Use the phrase “RRO RRT Pledge” in the subject line. Please include your name and the amount you would like to pledge.If you prefer to make your donation now, you can do so here.

Checks can be sent to: Jim Dixon, CAAS Treasurer, 11805 Birchwood Dr., Little a Rock AR 72211. Please use “RRO RRT” in the “for” line on your check.

If you make a donation through the website or by check, please email me your name and amount so I can keep track of the contributions and pledges.

Remember, in order for us to get the maximum matching amount of $1,000.00 pledges need to be made by December 31.

Thank you,

Stephen Caldwell, CAAS Project Manager,
River Ridge Observatory Robotic Research Telescope

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to email me.

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Membership Renewal
CAAS Decal transparent CAAS gives you the opportunity to interact with others interested in astronomy. Club activities will help you share your interest in astronomy with others in your community. As a member you will be contributing to the maintenance and development of the only public dark sky observatory in central Arkansas.

Regular members can renew at $50 per year and covers the entire family. Sustaining members can donate an extra $50. Student members can enter the category in the coupon field after clicking purchase to get a $20 discount. To be clear, type in STUDENT in the coupon field and renew for $30.
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CAAS Member Window Decals
CAAS Decal transparent These beautiful window stickers proudly announce to the world that you are a member of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society. Buy one or buy one for each car. These are not cheap inside “cling-on” decals but bright adhesive backed decals that go on the outside for all to see.
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Donate to the Society
The Central Arkansas Astronomical Society is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. As such, donations to CAAS are tax deductible.
If you would like to donate to the society, use this button below to donate any amount in increments of $1 by increasing the quantity. When you are finished, you can mail email to inform us if you want your donation to be applied to a certain project. The treasurer will in turn contact you if necessary and email you a receipt for your donation. Or if you’d prefer, send a check to Jim Dixon, CAAS Treasurer, 11805 Birchwood Dr, Little Rock, AR 72211 but please do include the same information and an email address so the receipt can be sent to you. Thank you.
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Other Cool CAAS Stuff
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