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About the Society

Founded in 1971, the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society strives to connect the people of central Arkansas with their universe by promoting amateur astronomy activities for its members and by providing information and programs to the general public. Membership offers monthly programs, special outings, and the opportunity to share this hobby with others. No one is under qualified for membership. Experience levels range from novice sky watchers to skilled observers.

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Notification of events and communications among members is handled through a club sponsored email mailing list. If you would like to subscribe to one or more of these free lists, please go here and sign up.

Monthly Meetings

The club meets monthly at the River Ridge Observatory facility on a dark of moon Saturday each month at 7:00 pm during Daylight Savings Time and 6 PM during Standard Time. (Note: the December “Annual Meeting” and holiday pot luck is typically held away from the observatory grounds).

Public Star Parties

March through October we co-host star parties with our friends at both Pinnacle Mountain and Woolly Hollow State Parks.  These star parties are always free to the public and family friendly events.

Special Outings and Events

CAAS members often get together for informal observing outings at the observatory and other sites. Since these outings depend on variable conditions and current events, watch the club email mailing list and the news and calendar section on the home page.


River Ridge Observatory – Located under moderately dark skies on seven acres northwest of Little Rock is the River Ridge Observatory. The observatory serves as the club’s prime dark sky observing site. The site has electric and water services. NO SMOKING PLEASE in any CAAS facility or on the observing field.

Classroom – The newest addition to the Observatory is the classroom and deck. The classroom serves as our main activity room. The building houses the club’s library which includes periodicals, reference works, sky atlases, and computing resources. The large deck has ample room for stargazing with three large piers providing easy set-up for popular Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

Clubhouse – The clubhouse was one of the first permanent buildings at the Observatory and houses the restrooms and a limited amount of storage.

Observing Facilities – Currently the club provides powered and unpowered pads on which members may set their own telescopes. There are also several observatory buildings used by members for permanent set up.

Officers & Board Members for 2015
President – Bruce McMath
Vice President – Steve Block
Treasurer – Jim Dixon
Secretary – Stephen Caldwell
Immediate Past President – Darrell Heath
Board Members
Carl Freyaldenhoven
Steve Block
Danny Flippo
Terry Griffin