Sky-Watchers and Novice Observers Program

CAAS offers two workshop programs for beginners. The Sky-Watcher’s Program involves a half hour classroom session and an extended observing session under a dark-sky at the society’s River Ridge Observatory site. The focus is on learning how to observe heavenly events with the naked eye and binoculars, finding your way around the constellations, and learning about the motions of the sky. No experience or instrument is required.

The Novice Observer Program has a similar format but takes the program up a level. Newbies are encouraged to take the Sky-Watcher’s program first. In the Novice program attention is shifted toward telescopic observation, though it is not necessary to own a scope.

Both programs are open to the public.

Participants are encouraged to complete follow-on challenge programs on their own. Here is a link to those challenge programs, along with two other more advance programs. Those who complete the Sky-Watcher’s Challenge Program will receive a certificate acknowledging their completion of the program. Only Friends of CAAS and CAAS members are eligible for recognition upon completion of the Novice Observer Challenge Program. Only CAAS members are eligible for the two advance programs.

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