Saturday January 20 – Public Night and Regular Monthly Meeting at 6 PM

CAAS Monthly Meeting banner

Everyone, members and non-members, please join us at 6 PM for our regular monthly meeting, 5 PM if you are going to join us for the Supper Bowl.

Andrew Hradesky will give a program on the telescope that he restored and Steve Block will present the Dead Astronomer of the Month – Henrietta Leavitt.

As always, meetings of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society are open to the public.

Supper Bowl price will be $6 each.

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Annual Meeting of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society

It will take place at the home of Bruce and Becky McMath at 6:00 P.M on Saturday December 16th.  It is a pot luck and BYOB. We will elect officers.  The nomination committee has set for the following slate:
Steve Block, President; Ed Swaim, VP; Jim Dixon, Treasurer; Bruce McMath, Secretary (who can’t spell); Board members, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Chris Lasley, Danny Flippo, Jai Groce.  Any member may make additional nominations at the meeting and if any are made an election will take place. Awards are great fun and follow the elections.  Then it is all socializing and fun.  If you have a musical instrument, bring it.  See you on the 16th.

For more information, including directions, contact us at info “at”

CAAS Board Meeting Minutes 21 October 2017

( Pending approval at the next Board Meeting.)

Present: Bruce McMath, Darrell Heath, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Chris Lasley, Danny Flippo, Jeff Robertson, Ed Swaim, Steve Block, Jim Dixon, Perry Norwood, Rocky Togni, Nathan James

Approval of 15 April 2017 and 15 July 2017 Board Meeting minutes

Motion to approve the minutes for both previous meetings carried.

Item 1

2018 Budget

Motion to approve budget as presented and consider amendments if needed for items 2 and 6 on the agenda. One immediate change to be made, increase organization dues from $300 to $400 to cover $100 International Dark-Sky Association dues.

Motion carried

Item 2

What to do with surplus club money

Motion to give Treasurer discretion to look into CDs for investing surplus funds, amount to be determined by Treasurer.

Motion carried

Item 3

What to do with Club telescopes: Refractor and 14″ Dobsonian

Motion for Darrell Heath to select a team to develop a plan for housing the 14” Dobsonian.

Motions carried

Item 4

Question of whether to add a CAAS Facebook Group in addition to the CAAS Facebook Page

Motion to set up a Facebook Group as a place for club members to share information, member to member. Nathan James to set it up.

Motion carried

Item 5

Loaning club equipment

Motion to loan the Club 4” refractor to Steve Block in exchange for his 6” refractor, end date to be determined.

Motions carried

Item 6

Security camera replacement

Motion to amend the budget and allocate up to $511 to the Property Maintenance allocation for 3 Ubiquiti cameras and necessary cabling to be used to monitor the Observatory grounds. Danny Flippo will manage this project.

Motion carried

Item 7

Update on A/C unit status. During the 15 July 2017 Board Meeting the Board authorized up to $850 in funds to be allocated in the event the unit needs to be replaced. The approved 2018 Budget did not include this change; Jim Dixon will update the budget document with this previously approved change adding the amount to the Property Maintenance allocation.

Item 8

Memorial Garden upkeep

Motion to approve the plan of the Observatory Committee formed at the 15 July 2017 Board Meeting for moving the memorial monument to the memorial garden area and making improvements to memorial garden to provide consistent visibility for monument.

Motion carried

Meeting adjourned