Marshall Dawson’s Remaining Equipment 12/10/17

Marshall Dawson was a member of the Hot Springs Village Stargazers and friend of CAAS who passed away recently. Members of the Stargazers have agreed to help his spouse sell his equipment.  Below is a list of his remaining equipment.   If interested, contact Steve at

Telescope Eyepieces
Astro-Tech Titan 2”, 26mm wide field view $75.00  new $94.00
TeleVue 2”/ 1 ¼ “, 12mm Nagler type 4 $225.00  new $375.00
Celestron 2” Ultima-LX, 32mm, 70deg FOV $100.00  new $170.00
Telescope Filters
O-III, 2” Nebula Filter $70.00
Orion V-Block 2” Filter $70.00
Following Filters are 1 ¼” Diameter:
Celestron #96-0.6 Grey $40.00
Orion Variable Polarizer, 2 piece, 1%to40% $28.00

For Sale: Handmade 10 inch Dobsonian Telescope — SOLD!

For Sale: Handmade 10 inch f/4.5 Dobsonian Telescope. The optics and spider came from Coulter. The body from me.

The scope has a focal length of 1140mm. It comes with a 2″ focuser and a Telrad finder. Ebony Star Formica is used on both axes. With a focal length of just 45 inches, it’s a little short so I always use the repurposed recycle bin (pictured) as a stand and it is included. The scope is a little top heavy but the elastic band seen in the photos acts as a variable counterweight and has perfectly counterbalanced every eyepiece, even 2 inch eyepieces, I’ve tried with it. It recently helped me complete the Astronomical League Messier Observing Club.

Asking $300 and I am happy to let you try it out first. Contact Jim Dixon at jamesdixonlr at att dot net.