SOLD: For Sale: Meade 10″ LX200 SCT by Tom Hallum

“Here’s the scoop on the LX200. I am the third owner. First purchased in North Carolina, I believe, then purchased by a gentleman in Jackson, TN. He is the person I purchased it from 7 or 8 years ago, I think. I have the original box it came in, but no hard case for transporting. I’m pretty sure it is an early to mid 90’s model. 10” SCT, fork-mounted, alt-az (no wedge), field tripod, 8×50 finder scope. Also comes with; hand controller (tantalum capacitors have been replaced in the hand controller only), 1 ¼” star diagonal, OTA cap, original manual (and a photocopied version that has been laminated for use onsite). I also ditched the original 18v power supply because of reported problems with the tantalum capacitors. I’m now running it off of a 16v regulated power supply. The focus was a little stubborn, so I installed a Peterson focuser kit. It is in very good shape. I have not had it out in the field for quite a long time. Last time I fired it up, everything worked as it should. The only thing I know that needs to be repaired is the bolt that holds the motor/fork assembly to the tripod. The keeper broke, so it does not want to stay in place when the fork is removed. I would like to get $800 for it, but I am open to offers.”

Tom can be reached at or or 501 551 1621 (call or text).

Sold: Celestron Nexstar SLT Mount

I am the original owner and have used this mount with small refractors and DLSRs.

The mount is rated to 12 pounds so don’t expect to put an 8″ SCT on it but 5″ SCTs and Maks weigh about 9 pounds or less as did the 80mm f/6 refractor I used successfully with this mount. I also used a 40mm PST H-alpha scope with it. It runs on 8 AA batteries or an adapter. Will also include the hard case that I keep the mount in.

I am asking $100 for the mount, if I do not have to ship it. If interested, email me at JamesDixonLR at Thanks for looking.

Celestron AVX Mount for Sale

For Sale – Celestron AVX Mount


Hi there! My name is Chad Binns. I’m a CAAS alumnus who will be moving out of state later this year and would like to sell my Celestron AVX equatorial mount and accessories. I purchased this mount ~5 years ago and have only logged about 20 hours of use on it. This sale includes:

  • Celestron AVX Mount
  • NexStar+ GoTo hand control
  • Tripod and eyepiece/barlow holder
  • Polar alignment scope (not yet installed, but installs inside the mount)
  • Celestron PowerTank 
  • Relevant cables (including some that I believe are for either a guidescope or PC hookup? I’m not really sure. I only use about half of the cables that came with the mount and PowerTank.)
  • Relevant documentation
  • Case (a cooler) and foam insert from shipment

New, these items (excluding the PowerTank) would cost a combined ~$750-800 (from BHPhoto and/or Celestron). I’d like to sell the combined package for $350 (including the PowerTank for free since I’m not sure how long it will hold a charge being 5y old). I’ve tested the mount with the PowerTank and everything seems to be working properly; the PowerTank holds a charge and the mount can slew with both motors using the hand control. Cheers and clears!