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Equipment Swap

This category is used to list equipment being offered by members or non-members alike. CAAS has no role or liability in any purchases made.

For Sale: 10″ Zhumell Z10 and Accessories

Selling my Zhumell Z10 and accessories.  See pictures and item list below. I am asking $600. You can contact me at
Text only to 8326962973.


Zhumell Z10 dobsonian
Zhumell plössl 9mm eye piece
Orion 2x Barlow lens shorty
Zhunell wide field 30mm eye piece
Orion 8-24mm zoom eye piece
Orion star shoot planet imaging camera
Polarizing filter #3
Moon filter
Laser collimator

I also have the telrad reflex sight in the picture but I haven’t been able to get it to turn on so I’m not sure if it works. The orion star shoot camera only works with imaging the moon. If you have another telescope with a longer focal length then it should work fine for that.

 20150306_133347 20150306_133329

FOR SALE: Celestron CPC 800 — SOLD!

SOLD in two days.

Follow this link for details.

I’m selling my Celestron CPC-800 telescope and accessories and hoping to make someone a good deal in order to sell it all as a “kit”. The telescope was purchased in January 2013. Most everything was purchased based on advice from some of the elders of CAAS combined with my own research and I have to say I think it’s a pretty decent setup… I just wasn’t ever able to get and keep my family interested in observing.
The telescope has only been set up 10-20 times, it has been stored in its padded case inside my house.
I’m located in Benton, AR and can probably meet you somewhere to complete the sale.
I have over $3000 in the setup and am asking $1500 for the whole shebang. If I can’t find a buyer for everything then, after a few weeks, I’ll consider listing the items individually. If you don’t think the asking price is fair, let’s talk about that.Bryan Signorelli
Text me: 501sixfiveoh12ohsix
Email me: basignorelli(AT)gmail(DOT)com
PS – On the off chance that you have one… we will be rolling this hobby money over and applying it towards the purchase of an Aire Super Puma raft in order to head east or west and enjoy the whitewater.

Orion 8″ Dobsonian Telescope and Accessories for Sale

Orion 8″ dobsonian telescope and a lot of accessories. Invested of $800…asking $450 for all. Contact Ron Johnston at lindaj64 at or 501-206-0325. Includes (with original cost):


LARGER EYEPIECE HOLDER                                                                79.99

LARGER FINDER SCOPE                                                                       64.99

LASER COLLIMATOR                                                                             69.99

7.5 MM EYEPIECE                                                                                 47.99

35 MM EYPIECE                                                                                     89.99

2” NEBULA FILTER                                                                                89.99

1.25” NEBULA  FILTER                                                                         79.99

MOON FILTER                                                                                        19.99

CASE                                                                                                         49.99