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This category is used to list equipment being offered by members or non-members alike. CAAS has no role or liability in any purchases made.

Orion Skyquest XT10 Classic Dobsonian Telescope For Sale

I live in an apartment, and have extremely limited space. So, I have decided it is time to thin my “herd” of telescopes and reclaim some desperately needed space. Ha!I would like to sell my 10 inch Orion Skyquest XT10 Classic Dobsonian telescope to someone local. I attached pictures to this email message. Here is a link to an ad for a new one:

This morning, I could not find my invoice for my telescope. I think I bought it in approximately 2005. The price of a new telescope like this is $579.99. Considering that mine is used and about 10 years old, I would sell it for $200.

I removed the tension springs that came with the telescope. In the picture, you will see the duct tape wrapped bucking magnet that I use as a counterweight. The magnet sticks to the steel tube. This works much better than the tension springs.

I replaced the secondary mirror collimation screws with Bob’s Knobs.

I installed the cooling fan which cools down the telescope quickly and significantly improves image quality. You can see the fan and battery pack in one of the pictures below.

It is not long until Christmas. Perhaps this would be a nice gift for you or someone else?

If you are interested, please contact me off-list at my email address ( Thanks.

I also have a number of accessories that can go with the telescope for an additional $100. Here is a list of accessories:

O A very high quality aluminum hand truck (usually called a dolly around here) with solid rubber tires. I have luggage straps for strapping the telescope to the hand truck. This has made it so easy to carry the telescope in and out of the storage building that you see in the picture!

O Second Generation Orion Lasermate Deluxe II Laser Colimator
I purchased this just a few months ago for $69.99.

O 2X Orion Barlow Lens

O 3X Orion Barlow Lens

O An Orion Collimating Eyepiece

O Rigel QuikFinder Red Bullseye Finder

Clear Skies,

Coy Scott


Celestron 6SE telescope For Sale

I am selling my Celestron 6SE telescope. It comes with all of it’s original accessories (mount, power cable, serial cable, 25MM eyepiece, diagonal, red dot finder, and the original box). It will also have an extra red dot finder since the original one had a little bit of an issue. The optics on the scope look perfect minus the dust that I’m afraid to ever try to clean off it. It’s never been touched and has no scratches. You can contact me at MDWolfe46 at gmail dotcom.

DSC02433 Telescope Wedge
DSC02417 DSC02432

Here’s a list of the extras:
- Celestron Focal Reducer/Corrector – perfect optics on this, was only out the box to put on the telescope and then to put back in the box with caps
- Televue PowerMate 2.5x – has scratches on the black parts, but the optics look fine
- William Optics dielectric 1.25″ diagonal – no scratches and the prism looks brand new
- ZWO ASI120mc – looks new with no scratches on the body and the chip looks perfectly clean (comes with fisheye lens, USB and port cables, and box)
- Farpoint FP402 Bahtinov Mask – looks new
- Celestron eyepiece accessory kit – comes with the 5 eyepieces, 2x barlow, 6 filters plus I added a Zhumell O-III filter. The eyepieces look great and the optics look fine that I can see with no scratches. The case has a soft scratch on one of the edges, but otherwise looks new.
- TrendNet serial-to-USB cable for controlling from computer

- Celestron 6-8″ dew shield
- Celestron 12v PowerTank (never used; only removed from box)
- Homemade Wedge made from red oak – has a lazy susan swivel base and the ability to raise and lower (can be seen in pictures)

I don’t use it as often as I’d like and I’m looking to get a T3i to do more AP rather than having to always get a telescope out. And we will be having another baby next year so I don’t want it to sit and never get used…

I’m looking for around $1050, but open to serious offers. I’m located in Cabot, AR around the Magness Creek area. Again, you can contact me at MDWolfe46 at gmail dotcom.

Disclaimer: The Central Arkansas Astronomical Society does not profit from this transaction. We are merely trying to help the seller find a new home for this telescope.

For Sale: 12″ Zhumel Z12 Dobsonian Telescope

Hello I have a Zhumel Z12 with two eyepieces and a 2x Barlow for sale. I live in Malvern which makes for easy pickup in Central Arkansas. You can text me at 501-318-8460or email at wademcdowell at gmail dot com.Thanks for your time
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