CAAS Monthly Meeting & Board Meeting – All Are Invited

Our monthly meeting will be Saturday night (November 10, 2007) at 7:00 pm. On the agenda will be updates and information on Comet Holmes and a presentation on a Lunar Observing Program. Of course if it is clear we will also be looking at the comet. Also we will elect officers for next year, discuss the Christmas party, and any information coming out of the board meeting. Please plan on attending.

The board will meet at 5:00 pm. Following is the agenda.

1. Slate of officers/board other positions for next year.
2. Christmas party.
3. Property Maintenance. List of action items. Future work day.
4. Meetings for next year – what kind of programs do we want.
5. Mission Statement
6. The Observer – do we continue it?

From 6:00 to 7:00 we will be having pot luck.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Carver Magnet Star Party

Bill Sanders, Donald Ferren, Danny Flippo, and Jim & Jack Dixon were at the site Thursday night ready to share our passion.  However, Carver never came.  Thanks to Bill’s forethought and Jim’s wristwatch we did see an awesome -8 magnitude Iridium flare the likes of which Jack had never seen.  I’m sure there was a miscommunication of some sort.

Jim Dixon

Upcoming School Group Star Parties

Please note the first event is just days away and before the next CAAS meeting.
    Oct. 11 Carver Magnet Star Party at CAAS.
    Nov. 8   Robinson Elementary. Chili supper/Star party. There.
    Nov. 12 Carver Magnet Star Party at CAAS.
    Dec. 10 rain date for Carver Magnet at CAAS.
We may have another event with the Little Rock Christian School.