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Monthly Meeting & Star Party at Pinnacle Mountain: 7 PM Saturday August 26


August 26 Star Party at Pinnacle Mountain
Join us at the Pinnacle Mountain Visitor Center at 7 PM Saturday August 26 for a combined regular monthly meeting and Star Party afterwards. Instead of our usual Supper Bowl we’ll have light snacks starting around 6:30 until they are gone. Lots to see and do so bring your friends and family!

Setup and snacks
Monthly Club Meeting

  • Eclipse Show & Tell: share your favorite moments from the 2017 Eclipse and if you have some photos bring them on a USB drive (or email them to beforehand) and we’ll share those
  • Constellation of the Month presented by Jim Dixon

CAAS Astronomy Art & Writing Contest

Open to all ages. Perry Norwood and Gretchen Cobb will host this unique creative program. The best entries (judged by CAAS members) will receive a small (very small) award! Art and writing supplies will be provided. Create a mini masterpiece based on something you observe at the Star Party, or write a short piece related to something you’ve observed or another Astronomy-related topic. We’ll have a few art and writing topics available to help you get started if you need inspiration!

Star Party (weather permitting)

As always, meetings of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society are open to the public.

Saturday August 26th Regular Monthly Meeting at 7 PM, Star Party Afterward

Our next public event will be Saturday August 26th after the coming solar eclipse. This month we’re combining our regular monthly meeting with a public star party at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Join us at 7 PM to see us one up each other with solar eclipse stories and photos then stay with us later as we show you the sky after the sun sets. Star party starts at 9 PM.

If you are looking for information on the upcoming total solar eclipse, please watch this excellent episode of “The Night Sky” and click on the “Solar Eclipse” button to the left for details about how much of the partial eclipse you can expect or to purchase eclipse glasses.

While CAAS members will be chasing the total eclipse, the Central Arkansas Library System and the Museum of Discovery will be having partial solar eclipse watch events. Here are links to their events. If you can’t get away to see the total eclipse go to one of these.