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The Star Party at Woolly Hollow State Park has been Cancelled

Due to weather, there will be no star party at Woolly Hollow State Park March 21ST.

Free Public Star Party at Woolly Hollow State Park on March 21st

Join CAAS on Staurday March 21st on the beach at Woolly Hollow State Park for a free public star party. We CAASiopeians will set up scopes by the lake from 8 PM to 11 PM to share our passion for the night sky with you! Bring your kids, if you don’t have any, bring your parents, but be there.

Regular and Board Meetings Saturday, March 14.

Dob Join us Saturday evening for our regular monthly meeting.Jeff Robertson will present the Dead Astronomer of the Month and Chris Lasley will tell us all about The Tablet at the Telescope. The regular meeting starts at 7, an hour later than recent months due to daylight savings time.

Before the fun though we’ll have a board meeting at 5 PM to discuss such hot button topics as floor repair and termite control and next year’s schedule.  All members are welcome and encouraged to come to the board meeting.  CAAS belongs to its members so please take an active role.

Sandwiched between the two meetings is the Supper Bowl.  Get it, sandwiched, snort snort. This will be a belly warming meal to get you through the evening.  Please do come and use the RSVP button at top to let us know you plan to eat so we’ll know how much food to prepare.