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Protecting the Night Environment

Jim Fisher and Wade van Arsdale put together this presentation for the Arkansas Section of the International Dark-Sky Association and were kind enough to let us host it.  Click here (and then on the link that will appear) to download this 8MB PowerPoint presentation.

100 Hours of Astronomy Newsletter

Click this link – keeping-in-touch-100ha-jan-2009-no2.pdf – to see the latest 100 Hours of Astronomy newsletter.

Moon Occults Pleiades April 8th

The Moon will partially obscure the Pleiades during the early evening of April 8. The event starts between 8:30 CDT and lasts about 2 hours depending on your definition of “Pleiades”. It looks like only one of the Seven Sisters will be occulted but several minor members will be obscured by the Moon. If you have a webcam or video camera, this might be a good opportunity to capture some occultation footage. In the image below, the lower Moon is at 8:30 and the higher reflects where it will be 2 hours later.
Moon Occults Pleiades!