Annual Meeting of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society

It will take place at the home of Bruce and Becky McMath at 6:00 P.M on Saturday December 16th.  It is a pot luck and BYOB. We will elect officers.  The nomination committee has set for the following slate:
Steve Block, President; Ed Swaim, VP; Jim Dixon, Treasurer; Bruce McMath, Secretary (who can’t spell); Board members, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Chris Lasley, Danny Flippo, Jai Groce.  Any member may make additional nominations at the meeting and if any are made an election will take place. Awards are great fun and follow the elections.  Then it is all socializing and fun.  If you have a musical instrument, bring it.  See you on the 16th.

For more information, including directions, contact us at info “at”

Exoplanet Observed from the River Ridge Observatory

On the night of October 18/19, 2017 Dr. Jeff Robertson of Arkansas Tech University, and a member of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society, used the River Ridge Observatory Robotic Research Telescope (RRORRT) to observe a transit of an exoplanet 456 light years away.

WASP-52 is a dwarf star about 83% the mass of the Sun in the constellation of Pegasus. In 2011, a planet was observed passing in front of the star. This planet, designated WASP-52 b, is a so-called “hot Jupiter” due to its size and proximity to its star.  Dr. Robertson pointed the 12” RRORRT at WASP-52 during a predicted transit and was able to take measurements of the light that reached it over the course of the event.

To summarize, using a commercially available off the shelf telescope and camera within reach of many amateur astronomers, a computer and free software, Dr. Robertson has demonstrated just how much a skilled observer can accomplish even in Arkansas.

For more information about the RRORRT, drop us a line.