Saturday February 17 – Public Night and Regular Monthly Meeting at 6 PM, Board Meeting at 4 PM

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Everyone, members and non-members, please join us at 6 PM for our regular monthly meeting, 5 PM if you are going to join us for the Supper Bowl. A board meeting has been called to discuss a proposal for an enclosure for the 14″ telescope to allow all observatory level members easy access to that awesome instrument. All members are encouraged to attend this and any board meeting.  If you are not observatory level, maybe this will encourage you.  That level only requires that you show that you know the proper care and use of telescopes.

Jai Groce will present the first installment of “Minute Astronomy”, Darrell Heath will present the Dead Astronomer of the Month, and Bruce McMath will give us “Some elements of a personal adventure in amateur astronomy with variable stars.”.

As always, meetings of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society are open to the public.

Supper Bowl price will be $6 each.

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Marshall Dawson’s Remaining Equipment 12/10/17

Marshall Dawson was a member of the Hot Springs Village Stargazers and friend of CAAS who passed away recently. Members of the Stargazers have agreed to help his spouse sell his equipment.  Below is a list of his remaining equipment.   If interested, contact Steve at

Telescope Eyepieces
Astro-Tech Titan 2”, 26mm wide field view $75.00  new $94.00
TeleVue 2”/ 1 ¼ “, 12mm Nagler type 4 $225.00  new $375.00
Celestron 2” Ultima-LX, 32mm, 70deg FOV $100.00  new $170.00
Telescope Filters
O-III, 2” Nebula Filter $70.00
Orion V-Block 2” Filter $70.00
Following Filters are 1 ¼” Diameter:
Celestron #96-0.6 Grey $40.00
Orion Variable Polarizer, 2 piece, 1%to40% $28.00